Better Culture: Destroying Silos, Building Trust

Company: Diversified Fortune 100

Why they called

Five years ago, one of the larger segments of this 180,000-person global company reached out to us: Product creation and marketing teams were not talking to each other enough. Between them, they worked with billions of dollars to create and launch the same products, making leadership confident that even a small uptick in collaboration could have a big impact on their customers’ experience—and their bottom line.

What we did

To break down barriers between these two groups, we designed MindMelds, day-long dynamic sessions focusing on

  • Building collaboration skills
  • Deep-dives into the “other side’s” roles, priorities, and processes
  • Uncovering ways to add value to each other’s work
  • Live collaboration on a piece of real, relevant work
  • Commitment to specific post-session actions

What happened as a result

Leaders started bringing their teams “to the other side” earlier to collaborate  in strategic and creative processes, bringing greater alignment between products and the way they’re marketed. And now, when challenges arise between these groups, there are new personal relationships in place which make issues easier and quicker to resolve than they were in the past.

What they said

It’s not so much what they said as what they did: After the first MindMeld in 2010, these same leadership teams have invited us to Meld them more deeply every year for the past five, and counting. This segment has also invited us to meld other teams: Sales and Marketing domestically and in Asia; PR and Marketing; and a new team made up of formerly-disparate tech-related functions.

What we learned

We’ve brought MindMelds to multiple companies over the last five years.  We’ve learned that the best MindMelds keep report-out presentations to a minimum, real interaction and work together at a maximum!