Just Ask Them – Part II

Recently, I wrote about a common pitfall of presenting that almost guarantees your audience will start thinking about their next vacation while you bravely soldier on through your 82-slide deck: You forget about them. To remedy this common issue, I suggested getting curious about your audience’s needs in relation to your topic. Over the years of … Read More

Just Ask Them

Have you ever witnessed a presentation that has gone completely off the rails? The kind where you snap out of a daydream and realize that you have spent the last 10 minutes staring at the weave of the carpet with your mouth slightly agape, only to tune back in for content that has no relevance … Read More

The Improv Chef of Walla Walla

You probably have seen them dozens of times: the mini-marts inside gas stations where you’ll often find deep-fryer-dipped chicken fingers, churros, and Jo-Jo’s. Havens for greasy, warmed-over food products. Normally, I avoid these places like the plague. But when Andrae Bopp laid eyes on the dilapidated food area of the Cenex Gas Station on 9th … Read More

Giving Away My Work: Improv and Art Making

I have been performing improv for over 30 years now. One of the reasons I love to get up on stage without a script or any idea of what is going to happen next is the thrill of collaborating in the moment. The collision of ideas on stage can be magical, scary, and thrilling, but … Read More