The Joy of Socks

So I started nesting my socks.  Then I went all origami folding on my shirts.  Next up:  look at every piece of paper in my files and ask:  Does this bring me joy? Have I gone insane?  Nesting socks?  What? Like many of you perhaps, I have discovered The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by … Read More

Be in this moment

Here is a sample thought I had last week as I drifted off to sleep in beautiful sunny Southern California on a recent work trip: “Should I go to this football game in LA on the Saturday after my job ends, or should I head home on Friday afternoon? You know, maybe I should join … Read More

Be Obvious

Seven people were on stage being an expert on surfing and answering questions from the audience. They were answering questions by speaking one word at a time. These were people who had never improvised before and they were in front of about 150 people Someone in the audience asked. “Where’s a good place to surf?” … Read More