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Why improv for business? Improv actors are real-time, market-driven innovators: A creative team works together to create something (a story) to satisfy a customer (the audience) under extreme time pressure (instantly, on the spot). They work with a set of established practices to help them step out into uncertainty, work in a state of constant flux and change, and create something successful and engaging together. The great thing about these practices is that absolutely anyone can learn and apply them to their work…and life.


None of our client work is “off-the-shelf.” We begin with your business objectives. From there, we dig deep into our toolkit of improv and other learning experiences to put together a session that’s engaging, memorable, and delivers on what you set out to accomplish.


On Your Feet began on a wet Saturday in 1996, almost by accident. Two unsuspecting bald guys with glasses (Robert Poynton and Gary Hirsch) met at a bakery in Portland, Oregon, to talk about a t-shirt, and instead started OYF, a pioneer in the field of applied improvisation.


Today the OYF ensemble includes improvisers, a filmmaker, a marketing exec, an HR professional, a snow cone baron/MBA, and a visual artist. We’re united by our belief in the power of improv to make work (and life) better. Our global HQ is in Portland, Oregon, with folks in New York City and Minneapolis/ St. Paul.

A few clients...

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Gary Hirsch

Partner and Co-founder

Gary helped start OYF with an ex ad planner after a random conversation about a t-shirt (which seems to be how things happen around here). He is a voracious doodler and draws on everything (including this website). Currently, he is drawing over 30,000 robots that he launches into the world to help make it a slightly better place.



Brad Robertson


Brad is the former Director of the Business Outreach Program at Portland State University, where he taught for 6 years. The tallest member of OYF, Brad is great at reaching things.  He is happy to tell you about home exchange, simplicity and how owning a snow cone business as a youth can have life-long consequences.



Shelley Darcy


Shelley knew she was destined to be a performer when, at age 7, she was awarded the prestigious MJCC gymnastics camp “Look at Me” award. She has been improvising for over 20 years, currently with Brainwaves Improv Comedy. Shelley also founded Super Project Lab, a non-profit that used improv to teach Portland’s marginalized youth.



Daryl Olson

Lead Facilitator

Daryl is the founding member of one of the longest running improvisational theater ensembles in the U.S. and has been performing and teaching the craft for almost 3 decades. Daryl is also a stand-up comedian, an actor and is proud to be an Introvert, but he won’t scream that from the rooftops!



Beau Brousseau

Lead Facilitator

Beau has been performing on the improv stage since 1993 and has been with On Your Feet since 2012. Fun fact: He has three celebrity autographs… Lou Ferrigno, The Macho Man Randy Savage, and Don Knotts. Funnier fact: Ask him how he got them.



Mame Pelletier

Lead Facilitator

Mame is a professional actor, improviser, and writer. She has been part of On Your Feet since narrowly surviving the Y2K non-disaster. In 2008, she moved from Portland to Minnesota’s Twin Cities, and she’s been freezing ever since. Mame is currently working on her one-woman show, “Confessions of a Delinquent Cheerleader,” because she was both.



Aden Nepom

Lead Facilitator

After several years as a curriculum writer in the educational software industry Aden became a full-time improviser and teacher. She’s won awards for her musical improv work and is an alum of world famous vaudeville revue: Esther’s Follies where she once earned a living wearing huge wigs, singing big songs and getting massive laughs.


Amy Veltman

Partner Emeritus

Before joining OYF in 2010, Amy brought her storytelling talents to her work as a writer for film and television in NYC and LA, while studying improv on the side. She then joined a Portland agency where she created marketing content and strategy for a Fortune 100 tech client. Amy now runs OYF’s NYC office.



Lizzie Palmer

U.K. Facilitator

Lizzie is a former Marketing Director (Including Discovery Channel and Orange) and has been with the oyf community facilitating and leading workshops almost from the start.  She has curly hair, lives in London and loves going to the theatre, doing musical impro and hanging out with orangutans.



What clients are saying about us

“We’re believers and now we’re your biggest fans.”

VP of Global Communications, Xerox

“They are an evergreen source of boundless creative energy that helps us turn even the hardest challenges inside out.”

VP Global Brand, Nike Women + Women's Training

“Great concept. Great results. If there were a Nobel Prize for creative business ideas, OYF should get it.”

Planning Director, DDB Advertising

“They help us ask the right questions so we can actually solve problems. We scaled this approach across all of HR.”

Chief Evangelist and Futurist, Intel

“I would hire them again 100 times over.”


CEO, World of Business Innovation, U.S.

“They have the business acumen to really understand our challenges and address them in creative ways that get our sales people to listen more, and win more opportunities.”


Sales Force Leader, General Electric

“On Your Feet helped our groups integrate and made an impact that was so unexpected…”

CMO, Cassandra Report

“Our sales and marketing teams were siloed. After working with OYF, they are more connected than ever before”

VP of Marketing, Fortune 100 Company in the Entertainment Industry

“On Your Feet is not your traditional offsite facilitator. From the beginning stages of planning my team’s offsite, the facilitators showed that they speak our creative language which established instant credibility.  They listened to our desired outcomes and pitched interactive experiences tailored to our goals. Through all of their innovative exercises, our team was able to build trust and collaborate on an entirely new level.”


President- Marketing and Digital, NBC Entertainment