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Welcome to The OYF Blog

We started On Your Feet by asking one simple question: “How can the art of improvisation help people off the stage?” As performers and fans of the craft, we noticed that improvisers were to be able to navigate an extremely challenging set of constraints that bear a huge resemblance to many work environments (we both create a product/story for a client/ audience under immense time pressure/instantly) with grace, curiosity, and enthusiasm.

During the past two decades, we have been experimenting with the application of improv by continuing to ask questions that inspire us and our clients. Together with these clients, we’ve been lucky enough to co-create a few answers (and, of course, more questions!)

This blog is a home for our learning about how improv can help in work and in life, as well as place to share the best learning and experimenting in the field of applied improv (yes it’s a field). Here you’ll hear from a variety of voices from On Your Feet (and friends of ours) that have a unique perspective on this applied art. If you have thoughts about how improv has impacted your life and work, we want to hear from you as well!

We’re excited to share our learning and hope to provide a valuable perspective about this amazingly fun and creative art form. Welcome!