Better Meetings: They Happily Stay Until the End

Company: Brandworks University

Why they called

The first time Brandworks University called On Your Feet, it was because their first-choice was unavailable. However the next eight times, we suspect it was because they liked the way we engage and enliven their audiences of over 350 from the C-suite to mid-level executives over three days of rich content.

What we did

Brandworks University has been curating world-class faculty for this annual 3-day conference on a topic central to marketing and branding since 1990. We work closely with the organizers to design experiences for the audience that reinforce each year’s theme. We take the stage 2-3 times for 10-20 minutes each to facilitate participants networking with each other and/ or applying the wealth of content they’re getting from other speakers. If the conference theme is one that improv thinking or practice can help, we also deliver a 50-minute interactive keynote address. Lastly, we close the conference with “The Wrap,” our 10-minute re-enactment of the entire event, which helps reinforce key takeaways and has fun with inevitable conference “bloopers.”

What happened as a result

Marsha Lindsay, CEO of Lindsay Stone Briggs, who produces Brandworks, has noticed a difference in the conference due to OYF participation: “Since this smart and witty consultancy started closing our conferences with their uproarious 10-minute re-enactment of our entire 3-day program, most every attendee now stays so as to not miss the chance to laugh till they tear up.”

What they said

Lindsay said of overall OYF involvement, “The value On Your Feet adds to the success and reputation of our event is immeasurable. And as the event’s producer, I just have to add that the collaborators of OYF are consummate professionals to work with.”

What we learned

When doing a summary re-enactment at the close of a conference, it’s important that the audience has met us before so that they know that our wrap is truly an homage.